Telecommunications Yard Supervisor

Job title: Telecommunications Yard Supervisor
Posted on: September 1, 2023
Job Description:

As a Yard Supervisor with a focus on telecommunications experience, you will play a crucial role in the efficient operations of the yard, ensuring materials are sourced, staged, and ready for the next day’s activities, including deliveries and telecommunications projects.
In this dynamic and multi-faceted role within our company, you will wear many hats to ensure the smooth functioning of our yard and support the growth of our business. Your contributions will be vital in optimizing yard operations and maximizing productivity. As a pivotal member of our team, you will have the opportunity to make a significant impact on our success and be an instrumental part of our growth journey.


• Telecommunications Expertise: Utilize your telecommunications experience to understand the specific material requirements for projects, ensuring the availability of necessary materials and equipment.
• Yard Operation: Daily yard activities, including material sourcing, staging, and preparation for the next day’s projects and deliveries.
• Material Sourcing: Collaborate with the Operations Manager to source required materials, ensuring their timely availability in the yard.
• Inventory Management: Maintain accurate inventory records for telecommunications materials and equipment, tracking their movement within the yard.
• Project Support: Work closely with the Operations Manager to support telecommunications projects by providing necessary materials and equipment on time.
• Microsoft Office Skills: Utilize Microsoft Office tools for reporting, documentation, and communication purposes.
• Front End Loader Operation: Operate front end loaders or other equipment as needed for yard operations.
• Heavy Machinery Expertise: Utilize your heavy machinery experience (Front End Loader, etc.) to maintain yard facilities, unload and load site materials for crews and vendors, support team with material and stock requests
• Snow Removal: Snow removal activities within the yard to maintain accessibility during winter conditions.
• Customer Service: Collaborate with relevant teams to ensure timely and accurate delivery of materials to meet project deadlines.
• Safety Compliance: Enforce strict adherence to safety protocols and guidelines to prevent accidents, injuries, and damage to property.
• Other Duties: As requested by the Operations Manager

Employment Type: Full-time
Field of Work: Trades
Required skills:

• Telecommunications Experience: Previous experience in the telecommunications industry is a strong asset, providing a deep understanding of the material requirements for projects.
• Material Management: Experience in managing materials and inventory, ensuring they are staged and ready for the next day's activities.
• Microsoft Office Proficiency: Proficiency in using Microsoft Office tools for reporting and documentation.
• Front End Loader Experience: Familiarity with operating front end loaders or similar heavy equipment.
• Snow Removal Experience (if applicable): Experience in coordinating snow removal activities to maintain a safe working environment during winter conditions.
• Customer Service Orientation: A commitment to providing excellent customer service and working collaboratively with various departments to meet business needs.
• Safety Consciousness: A strong commitment to safety practices and the ability to enforce safety protocols effectively.
• Working Hours: Willingness to work from 6:00 am to 3:30 pm to meet operational requirements.

Company information

Company Name: Apex Fibre Limited
Contact Name: Candice Styles
Additional information:

Conditions of Employment:
• Successful candidates must provide a criminal background check as a condition of employment.
• A clean driving abstract must be provided prior to employment.

Prefered method of contact: Email