Pita Pit Crew Members (Part time & Full time) – Oshawa

Job title: Pita Pit Crew Members (Part time & Full time) – Oshawa
Posted on: August 17, 2023
Job Description:


1. Food preparation including but not limited to: rolling pitas, slicing and cutting vegetables and meats, weighing food, making cookies, making smoothies, grilling vegetables and meats, and following recipes

2. Operation of various equipment including but not limited to: oven, grill, pita warmer, pita press, blender, vegetable chopper, and knives

3. Stocking and restocking display cases, coolers, and front station to Pita Pit guidelines

4. Cleanup and sanitization including but not limited to: bathrooms, preparation area, display cases, customer service area, walk in fridges and freezers, floors, and storage areas

5. Practicing good organizational skills

6. Taking orders and serving customers within Pita Pit standards and values


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Employment Type:
Field of Work: Restaurant/Food Services
Required skills:

Company information

City: Oshawa
Telephone: 905-438-1041
Email: oshawa@employmenthelp.ca
Prefered method of contact: Email