Pipelayer (Sewer and Watermain) – U1407

Job title: Pipelayer (Sewer and Watermain) – U1407
Posted on: April 27, 2024
Job Description:

Job description 

We are looking for experienced and motivated individuals that have worked with precast structures (manholes, catch basins, valve chambers), concrete and plastic pipe for sewers and watermains. The successful applicant will be fully knowledgeable in the installation and reconstruction of watermain and sewer pipe systems in an urban or rural setting. We are pleased to be adding to and expanding our existing Sewer and Watermain Crew.

Applicant Requirements

  • Able to communicate clearly with the Foreperson, Operators and Crew Members
  • Provide continuous inspections and site awareness
  • Conduct pre-inspections of pipe and materials
  • Familiar with precast structures (manholes, catch basins, valve chambers), concrete and plastic pipe for sewer and watermains
  • Install and/or repair watermain, sanitary and storm structures or systems
  • Mandatory adherence to safety and environmental standards, regulations and company policies
  • 2+ years working experience as a Topman or Pipe layer for various sewer and water projects

Position Responsibilities

  • Excellent planning and understanding of overall project objectives
  • Read and interpret blueprints, specification and reporting
  • Pre-inspection & provide continuous inspections of pipe and materials
  • Ability to oversee water and pumps within trenches
  • Demonstrate thorough understanding of safety policies and procedures
  • Able to easily identify, and organize tools and materials needed for applicable jobs


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Employment Type: Full-time
Field of Work: Trades
Required skills:

Company information

City: Stouffville
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