Horticulture Job Coach

Job title: Horticulture Job Coach
Posted on: February 28, 2024
Job Description:

1. Work with an autistic youth (male, age: 20+), his PSW will provide behavior support
2. Develop and implement Horticultural theoretical and practical materials in accordance to a yearly plan, include the followings:
a. Propagate plant from seeds and/or by cuttings
b. Describe all task in sequence from seed to fruit
c. Harvesting procedures
d. How to use plant leftover as fertilizer to prep plant beds (outdoor / indoor) for next year
e. Develop and implement pest control strategies

3. Teach and demonstrate practical work
4. Hand over the work to the youth asap, correct youth’s work as needed
5. Two 3-hr sessions during week days, No weekend work
** Behavior support is in place and not part of the Coach’s responsibility.

Employment Type: Part-time
Field of Work: Other
Required skills:

1. Have knowledge of Autism
2. Horticulture knowledge - Horticulture graduate or student preferred
3. Effective communication
4. Team player

Company information

Contact Name: Sue Co
Address: 1003 Concession 4
City: Uxbridge
Postal Code:L0C 1A0
Telephone: (647) 505-2865
Email: sueco@openmindalliance.ca
Additional information:

We are a private family looking for a job coach for a autistic youth (male, 20+). He completed a Horticulture Program with University of Guelph but need reviewing and practical work. I am looking for a Horticulture student to coach him. He has a support worker who will provide behavior support during all sessions.

Prefered method of contact: Email