Universal Grinder Manual Machines – Whitby

Job title: Universal Grinder Manual Machines – Whitby
Posted on: June 6, 2022
Job Description:

Whitby Precision is an owner-managed company providing precision grinding services to the aircraft, plastics, automotive, hydro and tooling industries.

Since 1983, we at Whitby Precision have been proud to provide our customers with a broad range of services.  16 machines provide O/D, I/D and surface grinding capability for parts as small as .020″ in diameter, as large as 18″ x 120″, and internal grinding capability for parts up to 18″ in diameter.

We also machine a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, (chrome-plated) or base metals.

Whitby Precision’s quality system is modeled on ISO, and we are Messier-Dowty (MD) Supplier PRIDE compliant.

Employment Type: Full-time
Field of Work: Manufacturing
Required skills:

-Min 5 years experience
-Handle and process customers' parts and materials to maintain identification and quality
-Minimize variations in the grinding processes through the exercise of effective supplier and process control
-Willing to train the right candidate who possesses some knowledge/experience

Company information

Company Name: Whitby Precision
Contact Name: Roy Baxter
Email: Roy-WhitbyPrecision@on.aibn.com
Prefered method of contact: Email