Special Constable – PH1

Job title: Special Constable – PH1
Posted on: January 13, 2020
Job Description:

Under the direction of the Team Leader, it is the responsibility of the person assigned the job of Special Constable to ensure that the security and safety of the prisoners is maintained both at the Cobourg Police Service detention facility and at the Provincial Courthouse, to provide court security and provide a variety of customer oriented front desk reception services at the Cobourg Police Service. This person will ensure that all our in person contact with members of the public meets the Vision of the Cobourg Police Service.

Employment Type: Full-time
Field of Work: Other
Required skills:

Computer and accurate keyboarding skills, with working knowledge of Internet and Microsoft Office applications,
2. Proven accurate alpha and numeric data entry,
3. Effective decision making abilities in relation to both simple queries and more complex situations based on established guidelines,
4. Ability to complete a multitude of tasks simultaneously.
5. Demonstrated effective interpersonal and communication skills with multiple levels and sources for listening and comprehension,
6. Ability to manage job tasks that are straightforward and repetitive with some variety (numerous established procedures) to ensure smooth workflow. Decisions relate to sequence and prioritizing, ex., verifying out of date or incomplete database entries, checking source data and clarifying information,
7. Able to de-escalate potentially critical situations efficiently and
8. Successfully complete the Provincially mandated Use of Force training for Special Constables.

Company information

Company Name: Cobourg Police Service
City: Cobourg
Email: lynne.sheils@cobourgpolice.com
Prefered method of contact: Email