Gardener – Toronto

Job title: Gardener – Toronto
Posted on: March 24, 2020
Job Description:

Part-time job doing manual labour including digging, shovelling, raking, lifting, weeding and general landscaping duties.

Employment Type: Part-time
Field of Work: Labourers/Cleaners
Required skills:

Interest in horticulture

Company information

Company Name: Jim Borland
Contact Name: Jim Borland
Address: 225 Island Rd.
City: Toronto
Postal Code:M1C 2R1
Telephone: (416) 272-7387
Additional information:

We are a retired couple living near Kingston Rd. and Pt. Union Rd. that would like help maintaining extensive gardens. This could be a good second job during the spring and summer as we are very flexible about hours. We would pay 110% of the student minimum wage plus a bonus, mutually agreed upon, based on a minimum number of hours worked.

Prefered method of contact: Email