Front End Clerk U-1257

Job title: Front End Clerk U-1257
Posted on: November 2, 2022
Job Description:

Duties and Accountabilities:
Process customer orders
 Vince’s Market policies and procedures must always be followed
 Ensure everything in and under the cart are accounted for accurately
o Customer orders are processed efficiently and accurately
o Products in and at the “bottom of the buggy” are always rung in and Vince’s labels are attached to products for customers to take out

 Count till when starting
o Always accurate when counting till. Responsible for the till during own shift. If there’s a discrepancy at the start of the shift, inform the Front End Closer, and/or Front End Assistant Supervisor immediately.

 Accountable for all currency (cash, Visa, MC, Debit, coupons) Vince’s does
NOT take cheques.
o Always accurate when receiving and/or giving out change. All procedures for Cash, Visa, MasterCard, debit and coupons are followed.

 Ensure adequate change in till
o Inform Front End Closer and/or Front End Assistant Supervisor if change in till is low.

 Aware of the ad, any promotions and any new products
o Walk through the store before the beginning of own shift. Review Vince’s flyers and note any promotions and new products. Be able to answer customer’s questions on products and promotions.

 Every item with a UPC code MUST be scanned
o Items that do not scan must be brought to attention and recorded following Vince’s policies and procedures

Provide Excellent Customer Service
 Greet each customer
o Greet customers always with a smile and make friendly remarks

 Ask each customer if they found everything they were looking for
o Be sincere and show that you are ready to help

 Unload customer groceries onto the conveyor belt if they need assistance
o Unload customer groceries with care

 Make yourself aware of customer needs
o Eye contact with customer. Show that you are ready to help

 Bag and load groceries back into buggy
o Use the appropriate cellophane for frozen foods, detergent, etc. Place product in plastic bag, following proper bagging procedures. Load groceries into the buggy with care.

 Call for carry-outs
o When there is a big order, even before ringing up the sale, call for a carry-out to assist the customer with their order

 Check current and new products with corresponding codes
o Review current and new product codes before starting your shift

 Operate the point of sale system efficiently and accurately
o Accuracy and speed are both important. Memorize product codes. Do not guess. If unsure, ask fellow cashier or call for assistance

 Process customer orders for Home Shopping deliveries and/or pick ups
o Customer orders are processed efficiently and accurately
o Customer orders are labeled properly and stored in the proper temperature to assure the freshest product upon delivery

Keep work area clean and organized
 Clean and keep cashes and surrounding area neat and tidy
o Counter is clean, no marks or spills. The area does not look cluttered.

 Ensure perishable items are returned immediately
o Clear perishable items left by customers at the front

 Wash and clean baskets and buggies
o No flyers, debris or spills in baskets and buggies

Controlling Shrink
 Follow all front end policies and procedures, including bagging techniques and
bottom of buggy
o Use the appropriate bag. Optimize bag use based on guidelines. No
customers leave store with products at the bottom of buggy not rung up

 Be alert on discrepancies between correct prices and scanned prices
o Know pricing for all items. Check prices as each item is scanned. Must alert
the Front End Closer and/or Assistant Front End Supervisor if there’s a

 Use correct product codes
o Accuracy is imperative. Do not guess. When in doubt, call for assistance

 Adhere to safety and loss prevention policy
o Understand safety and loss prevention policies. Adhere to policies at all

 Help other departments when needed
o Work as a team. Offer to help if other departments are busy

 Participate in promotional events
o Participate in events such as “customer appreciation day”, etc.

 Suggestive selling
o Always compliment customer’s choice and suggest something to go with the
product purchased

 Special projects for the department/store/company
o Projects completed on time
o Assist in achieving organizational goals.

 Complete any other tasks asked by Area Supervisor and/or Director of Operations and/or President.

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Employment Type:
Field of Work: Restaurant/Food Services
Required skills:

 High School
 Good math skills
 Food/cooking knowledge – Passion for food
 Good communication skills
 Good initiative ability, excellent work ethic and a sense of urgency
 Ability to work in a high paced time constraint environment
 Strong sense of ownership, drive and enthusiasm
 Flexibility – Ability to adapt quickly to new situations
 Strong customer service skills

Special Requirements:
 Work is performed in a standard store environment with participation in meetings
 Ability to manage multiple projects and changing priorities with regular deadlines
 Travel to stores and warehouse locations required

Company information

City: Uxbridge
Additional information:


Prefered method of contact: