Employment and Economic Development Officer – U737

Job title: Employment and Economic Development Officer – U737
Posted on: November 25, 2020
Job Description:

Business Development
. Assist MSIFN membership with establishing business start-ups and expansion projects by providing support to MSIFN Members on preparation of business plans, conducting market analysis, identifying economic opportunities, providing advice on product development and identifying target markets, etc., and facilitate meetings where necessary;
. Respond to inquiries from existing or prospective MSIFN Member Business Owners;
. Identify and plan seminars/workshops promoting and educating on entrepreneurship
. Build and develop relationships with key stakeholders, local organizations, businesses, and the MSIFN community in identifying economic development opportunities;
. Represent MSIFN on the Mississauga Nation EDO Collective in conducting analysis and evaluation of economic and business development opportunities;
. Develop economic profiles of the region and community;
. Conduct surveys and research on market opportunities;
. Create and execute economic development studies and agreements and provide ongoing evaluations and recommendations to the Assistant Finance Manager;
. Develop and complete an Economic Leakage Study that will inform decisions related to economic growth within the community;
. Support and participate in a Comprehensive Community Planning process for MSIFN, in consultation with a Council approved consultant and elicit input and coordination with members throughout this process;
. Work cooperatively with other MSIFN departments and with Noozhoo Nokiiyan Limited Partnership (NNLP) staff to coordinate activities, develop action plans, and carry out economic development activities related to MSIFN strategic goals and initiatives;
. Plan, develop and implement E-Commerce strategies.
. Act as the Business Licensing Officer in consultation with the Finance Manager and First Nation Manager for on reserve businesses in accordance with MSIFN business license bylaws and land code. Update the business license bylaws as needed.
Employment & Skills Training
. Identify and plan programming that will assist MSIFN members with employment readiness (i.e.: resume writing, interview skills, dress for success);
. Partner with the MSIFN Education Advisor in planning career and networking events that will assist MSIFN members in identifying potential careers and/or employers;
. Identify employment opportunities and employment trends that will assist in the creation of initiatives/programming that will support MSIFN members/community members with career development;
. Oversee and coordinate MSIFN Training and Development Program, including budget preparation/review with Council, recommending updates to policy/forms as necessary to support the program as it grows/develops, approve requests as per policy, monitor activity to the budget, track results, report results to Council/Management Committee/Assistant Finance Manager;
. Plan and coordinate MSIFN Summer Student Employment Program, including the securing of funding, coordinating with MSIFN staff on student staffing requirements, recommending student positions to Council, coordinate with MSIFN HR to prepare/post job descriptions, recommend changes to policy/programming as required to better suit the needs of MSIFN community and help develop MSIFN community students, complete/assist with completion of final reporting requirements to funders;
. Create a skills inventory that identifies education/skills of all MSIFN members and community members;
. Assist individuals in researching training initiatives to better situate themselves for employment opportunities;
. Represent MSIFN on the Ogemawahj Tribal Training and Economic Resources (OTTER) Advisory Committee for training and development of the MSIFN community;
. Prepare and submit application proposals to secure funding though OTTER for employment and training opportunities. Complete reporting as required;
. Build a network of external partners as a source for employment and training opportunities;
. Participate in applicable committees, technical working groups, conferences and meeting as required;
. Support with the development of job creation projects at MSIFN;
. Consult with the CEO and staff of the NNLP as required to facilitate the coordination of economic development activities.
Marketing as it Relates to Economic Development
. Develop a display of tradeshow materials to represent MSIFN at regional, territorial and national meetings, trade shows and conferences on economic development as directed by Council and Management;
. Present a positive image of MSIFN and MSIFN membership to create new opportunities for training, career development, and self-employment initiatives for MSIFN membership;
. Develop community and regional economic development networks;
. Develop a communication strategy on outreach activities focused on MSIFN members in building relationships and keeping members informed of programming/initiatives;
. Coordinate with CEO for NNLP when appropriate to determine short/long-term staffing requirements for current and future economic development initiatives and work in coordination with MSIFN Education Officer to communicate these needs to MSIFN community and prepare interested individuals for employment/entrepreneurial opportunities in the MSIFN and surrounding community;
. Develop brochures and promotional materials;
. Promote the use of private sector business services.
Financial Management
. Prepare an annual Economic Development budget for approval by Chief & Council;
. Ensure the financial management of Economic Development is in accordance with approved policies and procedures;
. Submit cheque requisitions within approved budget guidelines;
. Ensure Economic Development activities remain within approved budget;
. Proactively pursue grant funding opportunities supporting employment and economic development programs and activities. Consult with industry and government representatives concerning eligibility requirements for funding;
. Perform follow-up reporting of funding for various programs that falls within the Employment & Economic Development Department
Administrative Duties
. Assist with the development/revision of Economic Development related policies and procedures as required, draft policies/procedures for new programs recommended for development;
. Complete Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and any other required reports as required;
. Prepare briefing notes for the submission to FN Manager and Chief & Council;
. Conduct research studies as required.
Client Service
. Provide support to MSIFN community to assist with their business development needs, employability skills and career goals consistent with MSIFN policies and procedures;
. Plan and implement small business workshops/seminars for MSIFN Members;
. Ex Officio member of the MSIFN Education Committee.
Related and other duties:
Special projects, assigned tasks and additional regular duties as required by the Finance Manager and/or Assistant Finance Manager. Coordinate with the CEO of NNLP on projects that will provide opportunity for MSIFN training/employment/business development.
PAY RATE: $33.66/hr. (F1)

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Employment Type:
Field of Work: Office/Clerical
Required skills:

. Degree in Community Economic Development and/or Business Administration, Commerce, Urban Planning combined with related experience.
. Minimum 3 years related work experience and 5 years total work experience
. Knowledge of local, regional and territorial economic development potential and opportunities
. Experience with preparation of funding applications and financial reports
. Ability to identify and promote community economic development projects and initiatives
. Effective verbal, presentation, written and listening communications skills
. Effective negotiation and mediation skills
. Ability to work flexible schedule including days, nights, weekends
. Valid driver's license and $1M liability insurance and access to a vehicle
. CPIC/VSS acceptable to position upon conditional offer
. Strong leadership and team building skills
. Initiative and ability to work independently to meet deadlines
. Ability to analyze problems, recommend and implement solutions
. Good interpersonal skills to deal with First Nation residents
. Demonstrated customer service skills
. Ability to set sales goals, make budget and set workload priorities
. Above average demonstrated computer literacy
Considered an asset:
. Knowledge and understanding of Native culture, traditions, teachings, community dynamics
. Knowledge of legislation governing First Nations
. Experience working in a First Nation organization and/or working directly with the membership of a First Nation

Company information

City: Port Perry
Additional information:

Monday to Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. including ½ hour unpaid meal break; Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Additional Hours and Overtime may be required on occasion to meet
Programming and operational needs, per the Hours of Work and Overtime Policies

Prefered method of contact: