Client Experience Specialist (CES) – PH21

Job title: Client Experience Specialist (CES) – PH21
Posted on: June 17, 2020
Job Description:

GetintheLoop (GITL) NORTHUMBERLAND is currently seeking a permanent full time staff as well as a student / summer intern. 

New CES will be responsible for the following areas of the business:
1. Sales
• Build and maintain list of businesses in our area of responsibility
• Build a list of key targets across NORTHUMBERLAND for partnership
• Reaching out to businesses (via email/social media or in-person)
• Onboarding Businesses to the platform
• Follow up with business partnerships
2. Social Media
• Help maintain and produce content for GITL NORTHUMBERLAND
• Help maintain and produce content for our business partners
• Research peers and strong social media actors to identify new ideas for GITL
3. Marketing
• Help build strategies to build awareness for GITL NORTHUMBERLAND and its partners.
• Help build user acquisition strategies/activities to grow the user base of for GITL NORTHUMBERLAND
• Generate some guerilla marketing tactics/ideas
4. General:
• Setting up offers for new businesses
• Setting up/reviewing offers for current businesses
• Any other duties assigned that are commensurate with the position and level of responsibility as directed by Steve Wilkes, Franchise Owner

Employment Type:
Field of Work: Sales/Services
Required skills:

-Strong customer service skills
-Fluency with social media
-Background and experience in marketing
-Strong sales skills; must be confident conducting cold calls

Company information

City: Northumberland
Prefered method of contact: Email