Animal Husbandry Manager U-1297

Job title: Animal Husbandry Manager U-1297
Posted on: December 15, 2022
Job Description:

Job description

Responsible for cleaning and upkeep of all animal enclosures (indoors and out) and adjacent indoor sanctuary areas according to the SBFPS Security & Safety SOP

Responsible for reporting and documenting any necessary repairs in and around enclosures in logbook and to Animal Care Manager

Responsible for reporting and documenting any animal health concerns in the logbook and to Animal Care Manager.

Enforces and maintains proper PPE according to SBFPS guidelines and protocols

Ensures enclosures are properly closed during and after cleaning

Hours:  8 hours a day including lunch and breaks/ 5 days a week.  Actual hours to be negotiated with ACM and approved by the hiring committee to ensure daily coverage of breakfasts and nightly tuck-in 7 days a week.

Remuneration:  Current minimum wage

Duties include:

Cleaning beyond daily spot cleaning of all enclosures (dependent on volunteers available day to day) including, but not limited to, cleaning caging, cleaning of walls and ceilings, windows.

Ensure all animals have clean water at all times

Determine daily cleaning schedule based on need and number of volunteers

Endeavour to do a full cleanout weekly of all enclosures as needed e.g., lemurs rarely need a full cleanout, but the macaques do.

Weekly washing of kitchen floor.

Maintain hand-washing and medical area as a sanitary area

Preparation of dinners when insufficient volunteers

Feed out of dinners to be coordinated with ACM and/or senior volunteer

Monitor cleaning supplies and report other needed items in logbook and to ACM

Laundry, emptying gator and disposal of all paper

Take garbage and recycling to the roadside for pick up on Wednesdays

Keep the storage areas organized and clean.

Principal accountability is to ACM and Diana

For more information or to apply, please email or text 905-261-3895. Leave a detailed message with your name, phone number, and the position you are interested in and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Employment Type: Full-time
Field of Work: Other
Required skills:

Company information

Company Name: Story Brook Farm Primate Santcutary
City: Sunderland
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